About me

me My name is Stefanie and I'm a thirty-ish year old software engineer in the little country with the beautiful name "The Netherlands". I live with 2 dogs and my boyfriend in a small terraced house near Groningen in the north east of the country. Originally, I'm German but live in the Netherlands for quite some time now.

I am a craft enthusiastic since I can hold a pair of scissors. Paper, glitter and glue is following me through my life and I thought that it would be a good idea to share it with the rest of the world. And especially myself, because I always forget which project I already did and how I did it :D Last year I discovered HTV (heat transfer vinyl) and can't get enough of pressing shirts for friends and family. And my decoration at home had to be personalized as well, so nothing is safe from me.

With a full time job, my boyfriend, two dogs, crafting and some other hobbies (reading, geocaching etc), it is hard to find the time to squeeze it all one single day or week.

So, as it is a new year and my resolutions are not very different from last year (be a better person, live healthier and so on) but as well as a new one: blog more of my process and stories behind my projects.