Another fresh start

I guess a lot of people had a weird year, mine was no different with many not so happy events but at the same time a lot of personal luck. Even in the pandemic, I am one of the lucky ones with a steady job and my craft room is transformed into my office (at least between 8-5). Since last year there were some set backs in my health, which were diagnosed as asthmatic symptoms. I was sick a lot and after medication it seems under control with barely a cold in months time. With my health improving in the begin of the year I thought it would be a nice craft year (before the pandemic) but then Covid hit the Netherlands and after that the health of a family member declined. An untreatable illness in Covid time was a real difficult one to deal with.

On the other hand, we were lucky with minimal impact in the rest of our live. Work is steady, family and friends are (mostly) healthy and with a backyard, the summer was still beautiful. But my crafting mojo was gone, I couldn’t concentrate enough on a project to keep it going. I started a lot of things, but nothing finished. Until I just started to buy some new craft supplies and just copied some lovely cards of a few creative people I follow. I guess it helped, because my mojo is slowly returning. So I thought, another fresh start. So I switched from my old Blogger (i dropped the .blogspot a while back, but still stayed with Blogger) and finally made the switch do WordPress. As this is totally new for me, there is a lot of changes going on and not everything transfers as smoothly as hoped.

So stay tuned, the crafts will return to this space once again…

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