Crazy Crafter Studio

Finally, I made some pics of my new craft room. We bought a house in 2014 and  I got a little craft room in here as well. It is not a huge room, but it is all mine, my own little studio. So it was quite a challenge to fit everything in this room.

I have 3 main areas in this room. My desk and project place, the scrapbook area in the other side, and the press with storage unit at the third wall. My sewing machine is newt door in the guest bedroom.

On the other side, I got my beloved scrap booking and space. And of course my Silhouette and Big Shot found their places here. In the drawers, I stashed various photos, stickers, embellishments, tools, and a lot more...
To have an easy access to all my papers, I moved my old bookshelf with me. Behind the doors are my 6x6 paper pads.

Still need to replace my Poäng, it has a nasty stain from an old cat of mine. But I can't complain. I'm so happy to have my little craft paradise <3

I finally replaced my Poäng, but not the way I wanted to :D  I bought a transfer press and fell in love with yet another hobby.

Finally ordered a few of my craft supplies and love all the storage space in my new room. It is so perfect.